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Whew, I think I'll go to sleep now~
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23rd-Aug-2010 12:46 am - Oh Boy....
Ugh... School starts again in a week and some days =w=;;;;
*doesn't feel like going to school at all*

Ah... This summer was so unusually hot ;A; gdi
But now the weather has gotten cool and rainy and stuff.

I ought to go to a skin doctor or something eventually though... I've got some weird round spot on my leg. I seriously don't know from where the hell it has come from... Apparently I also have had it since last summer... I only noticed this summer myself as it has gotten rather big... wtf? I didn't even know D': Oh well... It's not like it is on a vicible place for me that is. OTL

I'll probably get a laptop sometime in spring \;w;/ *excitedexcited*

I haven't really been doing much this summer =3=
Though I have been drawinng a lot lately, mainly comics and all the original stuff. And I've drawn some things about a RP I am doing with some IRL frinds.

Cruel Beauty
A original story that I've been working on. The first chapter of it is now fully online. I am currently working on the second chapter for it (besides the ideas I have for other stories).
Ah, I tried to do a story without a happy ending here ;w; Alas, this story doesn't have one either, haha.
Idk what more to write...

I don't feel like making a lj-cut for this rant, bah. =w=
13th-Jun-2010 02:49 am - Something something something
I am still alive... sorta... Hnggg...
The school is out now... but I got summer school still =w= Because of math. Actually I don't even really mind that.

And here a hetalia doijin I was working on at some point. I don't think I'll ever come around to finish it... Seeing as these scanned pages have been on my computer since February now... AND I've not been drawing any Hetalia fanart lately =w= generally I haven't done much fanart lately, just drawing lots of original stuff...

Autor: Me of course
Characters/Parirings: Estonia/Romano
Rating: PG14 maybe?
Warning: Guys kissing but it doesn't really go futher than that.

I hope my handwriting is readable ;w;

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15th-Mar-2010 08:37 pm - Help for my school project
So I need to eventually some some project of sorts for the school. I've been too lazy to write the questions down sooner, OTL

Basically there are questions about Estonia that I sorta need answers to and that without any of you googling the answers. It really doesn't matter too much if you don't know the answers and try to even guess random things on it, haha. So, it is sorta to get an general idea how much people know about Estonia at all. Considering it is mostly rather unnoticed.

So depending how people feel about their answers they can either reply to my plea here (though the comments should be screened if I managed to do that correctly), send me a PM or an e-mail( datdemonchen (at) gmail.com )

Also some things I'd like to know that are not related to Estonia are:
Your birth year, gender and country where you live.

Here the questions:
1. Capital of Estonia? Or name other towns in Estonia?
2. Population of Estonia?
3. Current currency?
4. Current president? Former presidents?
5. Of which organizations is Estonia part of?
6. Well known people in Estonia? ( sports(wo)men? artists? Actors? Comedians? Writers? Politicans? etc )
7. Well known places? (tourist attractions for example)
8. General weather in Estonia? ( How many seasons? Temperatures depending on seasons? Is there any snow? ect )
9. Where is Estonia situated geographically? (Neighbouring countries?) Highest point? (mountain/hill) Deepest and/or biggest lake?
10. How many counties does Estonia have?
11. National flower? bird? stone? food? language?
12. Something else you might want to add?

It is alright not to answer all of the questions. I would love you all for forever for helping me out with this one ;A; And I repeat once more it doesn't matter if you don't know much.

Thank you, for you attention.
After I've finished with my project I will probably make a revelation post of sorts.
20th-Feb-2010 12:09 am(no subject)
Title: A Colorful Artdump

Artist: Me~

Character(s) or Pairing(s): Estonia, Romano, Belarus, Prussia, Canadaand a tiny bit of France and America, Estonia/Romano, Estonia/Belarus, Belarus/Estonia/Romano /shot , Prussia/Canada

Rating: PG? Idk ;A;

Warnings: Umm... some sparkling croissants? Kissing? Christmas-y themes?

Summary: Mostly the sketches that I have done at school... and then later on edited on computer.

18th-Aug-2009 12:45 am - Cosplay skit for AniMatsuri2009!!!!
As somethings still have to be discussed before AniMatsuri *serious look**stares especially at Gatoh and ktomson*

As I had some time to spare ok, Ingi was playing Trickster and I was just bored... kinda D: I decided to work a bit on the script for our Hetalia skit >.> some poor sap needs to work on that at somepoint anyway and I'm willing :'D

Da cut leads you to super awesome wisedom~ No, really :|Collapse )
First post ever :'D *coughcough* Anyway~ As I did some paperchildren some time ago it's about time I'll post the pictures of them x3

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